How to create the Email Sequence in Opportunities App?

Updated on December 13, 2021 05:30AM by Admin

Email sequences are used to automate the emails to send a series of targeted, timed emails to nurture prospects over time. And following up regularly with emails, you eventually have a high probability of converting your prospects to customers over time.

Note: This Email Sequence is only available in the Apptivo Ultimate and Enterprise plans. View Apptivo Pricing.

Steps to create an Email Sequence

  • Log in and access the Opportunities App.
  • Go to Settings → Email → Email Sequence→  and click the Create button.
  • It will redirect you to the email sequence creation page, where you can create and configure the sequence of emails that are to be sent. Enter the following details:
    • Name - Enter the Name of the Email Sequence that you want to create.
    • From Address - Enter the “From Address” from which the email sequence has to be sent. You can configure the From Address in either of the following two ways:
      • Static- You can enter the “From Address” and “From Name” manually.
      • Dynamic – You can select a specific employee or a team.
  • Here, the Dynamic is selected and selects the Employee name from the list.
Create Email Sequence
  • Trigger To - Denote the “email type” of the customer to which the email sequence should be sent.
  • CC Address - Enter the Recipient's email address.
Triggers To
  • Start Frequency - Specify the time to start the Email Sequence either Immediately or Later In(in terms of hours).
Start Frequency
  • You will be redirected to the email sequence creation page, where you can create and configure the sequence of emails that are to be sent.
  • Email 1 is the first email that will be sent out in the sequence. Enter the following details:
    • Subject - Enter the email subject.
    • Message - Enter the email message. You can also include the customer attributes from the Palette to the email body, which will pull in the respective customer’s value.
  • If no reply after - This is the criteria based on which the email sequence functions. Enter the number of days after which the second email in the sequence is to be sent if there is no reply from the customer.
No Reply
  • Enable the Before Sending toggle to set the action for the customer before sending the Email.
Before sending Toggle
  • You can create an action for the response for the Email by adding the Response Actions.
  • For example: if you want to create a Task when you get a response from the customer, you can set the Response Action by creating the Task.
Response Action
  • Enter the Task Details and click on the Create button.
Create Task
  • To create the next email in the sequence, click the Add Email button found at the bottom.
Add Email
  • As the above, add the Email Sequence.
  • Enable the Include thread toggle to include the email threads.
Include Thread
  • Similarly, create the required number of emails.
  • Finally, click on the Create button.
  • The Email Sequence will get created.
  • Then you have to link and start the required email sequence for the customer. 
  • For that, create new opportunities or open existing Opportunities. In the Opportunities Overview page, click the Enroll Sequence button.
Email Sequence
  • Select the created email sequence in the Email Sequence drop-down. And click on Enroll. 
  • You can view the selected sequence populated in the Email Sequence field under the Additional Information section and also the Start and Delete buttons in the top right corner. Click Start. (Note: Once you click on Start, the Start button will get changed to Stop).
Start Button
  • On clicking Start, the first email in the sequence will be sent out to the customer. It would wait for the specified duration (the duration entered in the “If no reply after” field), and if the customer has not responded back till then, the second email would be sent out.
  • In case, if the customer has replied, the email sequence would stop automatically, and the Stop button in the Overview page will get auto-updated to Start again. You can also Pause or Stop the email sequence anytime you require it.