How do I Create a Reference App field in the Tasks App?

Updated on October 14, 2021 06:01AM by Admin

This feature in the Tasks Master Layout enables you to link the tasks App with other preferred apps. The “Reference App Field” attributes are unique field types that allow you to pull the required values automatically.

Steps to Create Reference Field in Tasks

  • Go to Tasks App.
  • Click on More (...) icon →  Settings →  Customize App →  Master Layout.
  • In the Master Layout, under the “Palette” section, drag and drop the “Reference App Field” attribute in the desired location.
Master Layout
  • Click on that newly added field and rename it as “Project Details”.
Inspector Tab
  • On scrolling down, you can view the “Reference Object Details” section. 
  • You can set the References type as Assigned To or Associated With. 
  • By Selecting the Assigned To, you can only get the References for the Assigned To apps like Contacts, Employees, and Teams.
Reference Field Details
  • By selecting Associated With, you can set and get the reference data from all the apps of Apptivo.
Reference Type
  • Here, select the Projects app.
  • In the Reference Field, select the Project apps attributes. Project Status is selected.
Reference Object
  • Click on “Save” once done.
  • Now go to the Create Task Page and add the Task details.
  • In the Associated With attribute, select the Project.
  • Then, click on the Create button.
Create Task
  • By selecting the Project name, the Project status will get updated in the added Ref app Field - Project Details.

Note: If the multiple projects are added in the Associated With, the first project details will get updated in the added reference app field.

Associated With