How do I Configure Relationship Types in the Opportunities App?

Updated on August 13, 2020 08:11AM by Admin

Relationship Type in Apptivo enables you to see the relationship between one object with another object, from each object’s overview page. You can link most Apptivo records together and define the connection or association as to how a record is related to the other.

Steps to Configure Relationship Types

  • Log in and access the Opportunities App. Go to Settings > Customize App > Relationships  and click Create.

  • In the resulting Create Relation Type popup, enter the following details:
    • To Object - To Object denotes the app to which the relationship needs to be specified. Here, since it’s an opportunity-opportunity relationship, we choose “Opportunities”.
    • Definition - Definition would be the current object relationship type for the To Object. We allow you to define your own relationship definition. Here, we have entered the Definition as Main Firm.
    • Reverse Definition - Reverse Definition would be the To Object relationship type for the Current Object. Here, we have entered the Reverse Definition as Sub Firm.
Create Relationship

  • Once done, click Create. You can view the created relationship as shown in the image below:
Relationship Created

  • Now, create a new opportunity or click open an existing opportunity record.
  • On scrolling down, you will find the Relationships table. (Note: Ensure to enable this setting from the Opportunities App Settings > Customize App > Associated Objects > Relationships toggle. Only then you will find the table)
  • Click Add.

  • Add Relationships popup will be displayed. Select Opportunities in the To Object (this lists the relationship types created) and search for the associated opportunity in the Search Opportunities field and select the above-created relationship in the Relationship dropdown.
  • Click Add.
Relationship Added

  • The opportunity will be associated with the defined relationship. Here, opportunity Smart Foundation is the Main Firm for the Opportunity Code Smart.
Relationship Added

  • And in the overview page of the associated opportunity, you can find Smart Foundation being added to the Relationships table.
Associated Relationship