How do I view by tags in the Holidays App?

Updated on August 1, 2020 03:59AM by Admin

  • You can check if the By Tag view is enabled by navigating to Settings → Customize App → Views.

  • You can also configure the privileges for the employees. Only the employees who have the selected privilege can view the selected view.

Note: The privileges for the employees are configured in the Employees App.

  • Go to the Home Page of the Holidays App. Choose By Tag from the left panel.
Home Page

  • The different tags created in your account will be listed in the By Tag section. You can choose a tag and view the holidays with the associated tag.
  • Consider viewing holidays whose tag is marked as Important Holidays from the left panel.
  • The records will display.
Tag Dropdown

  • Select the More Details to redirect to the Overview page of a holiday.