How to search for records in Recruitment App?

Updated on July 23, 2020 07:09AM by Admin

Simple search

  • Perform a search based on any field value in the Recruitment App. Here, perform a search based on Aerospace.
Simple Search

  • The records with the word Aerospace will be listed.
Simple Search Results

Advanced search

  • Choose the Search dropdown in the header bar of the Recruitment App to view the Advanced Search side panel.
Advanced Search Icon

  • Advanced Search side panel allows you to search using the fields shown below.
    • Position # - Add the position’s serial number.
    • Status - Select the status of the position.
    • Title - Add the title.
    • Industry - Choose an industry.
    • Category - Select a category.
    • Opportunity - Add Opportunity information.
    • Department - Choose a department.
    • Fill By - Period within which the position must be filled.
    • Featured - Add if the position is featured or not.
    • Recruitment - Search based on the recruiter.
    • Description - Add details on description and perform the search.
    • Tags - Select tags and perform the search.
    • Published On - Fill the period during which the position was published.
    • Requested On - Fill the period during which the position was requested.
Side Panel

  • Here, the advanced search is performed based on the Status attribute. Results will be displayed as shown in the image below:
Advanced Search Results

  • On clicking More Details, you will be redirected to the Overview page.