How to Create Relationships types in Suppliers app?

Updated on December 28, 2020 06:12AM by Admin

Relationship types define how products relate to one another. Model relationship types can be created such as substitutes, up-sell, and cross-sell items.

Steps to Create Relationship Types

  • Login and access the Supplier’s app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the Settings.

  • In the settings page, click on the Customize app and select the Relationships.
  • Click on the Create button to create a new relationship type.

  • In the Create Relation Type pop up to enter the follows:
    • To Object - To Object denotes the app to which the relationship needs to be specified. Here, since it’s a customer-customer relationship, here choose Supplier.
    • Definition - Definition would be the current object relationship type for the To Object. You can define your own relationship definition. Here, entered the Definition Substitute.
    • Reverse Definition - Reverse Definition would be the To Object relationship type for the Current Object. Here, entered the Reverse Definition as Sub-Category.
  • Click on the Create button to complete.

  • The Relationship will get created and added to the list.

Steps to Add Relationships

  • Now, go to the Supplier Overview page scroll down to view the Relationship table.
  • Click on the Add button.

  • In the Add Relationship popup, search and add the supplier.
  • You can view the created Relationship on the Relationship dropdown.
  • Click on the add.
Add Relationships

  • The selected supplier will get added to the Relationship table.