How do I send and receive SMS in the Contact Center App?

Updated on March 31, 2021 10:41PM by Admin

The Contact Center App of Apptivo allows you to send and receive SMS from it’s dedicated SMS section.

  • Log into your Apptivo account and navigate to the Contact Center App. Select the SMS section from the left panel.
Start Convo

  • Select the Start a new conversion button to start using the SMS feature.
  • The list of contacts available in the Contacts app will be listed. Select a contact or search for the required contact. To send an SMS, click on the contact to view the contact’s SMS dashboard.
  • You can also click Add Contact to create a new contact and save in the Contacts App.
Add Contact

  • On selecting Add Contact, the Create Contact page of Apptivo’s Contacts App will appear.
Create Contact

  • Once the contact is created, you can search for the created contact and start sending SMS.
  • Consider sending an SMS from your device.

Note: Before sending the SMS, select the Nexmo added phone number from which the SMS has to be sent. The selected phone number will be the phone number from which the customer receives the SMS and they can reply to that phone number.

  • You can check that SMS from the Contact Center App’s SMS section.


  • Consider you have sent an SMS to a customer. The customer can reply from his device.
Mobile Text

  • If the contact information already exists in your Apptivo account, you will receive the SMS with the contact’s name.
  • If not, you can click on the More icon to add as a new contact.
  • You can reply to the SMS from the Conversion panel. The sender will receive a reply instantly.

  • Along with sending and receiving SMSes, you can also delete the conversation from the More section.
  • When you are using applications other than the SMS section in the Contact Center App, you will be notified whenever there is an incoming message through the Chat Window.
  • The Chat Window will appear only whenever there is an incoming message. The total count of the unread messages will also be displayed.
Chat Window

  • You can click anywhere on the chat window to expand and view the recent chats.
Expand Window

  • On clicking a particular chat, the corresponding conversation will come into view. You can respond to the incoming messages easily.

  • You can also minimize the chat window by clicking the minimize button. To close the chat, select the x (close) button.

Note: This feature is available only in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans of Apptivo. Also, you should also integrate your Nexmo number with the Apptivo Contact Center app to use this feature.