How to create a note automatically when we reply to an email sent via Notes?

Updated on July 6, 2020 06:46AM by Admin

The ‘Shared With’ feature of Apptivo allows you to share your notes with your employees. Whenever a note is shared with an employee, an email will be generated to that employee. In addition, the recipient employee can also reply to that email. It will be added as a Note in the associated record in Apptivo.

Enabling ‘Shared With’ in Master Layout

  • The Shared With field is not enabled by default, we have to enable it to make use of this feature.
  • Select Settings → Customize App → Master Layout in the Notes App.
Customize App

  • In the Master Layout, switch to Hierarchical View. Here, enable the toggle for Shared With.
Hierarchical View

  • Once the toggle is enabled, save the changes.
Toggle Enabled

Configuring ATAG from the Notes Activity

The ATAG feature enables you to locate the Notes easily while receiving emails. This feature is used for identification purposes. Depending on the application from which the Notes were shared, the ATAG will differ.

  • In the Notes activity of Apptivo, select Settings from the App Header.
App Header

  • Select Notifications → Update Notifications from the left panel of the Settings page.
  • The Update Notifications page will appear.
  • Select create to create a new notification.

  • In the Create Notification page, add a name and description of the notification. To keep the notification active, enable the toggle.
  • Also, configure the “From address” and name of the sender.
Create Notification

Note: Please ensure that you have configured Email Forwarding for the email address added in the From Address field. If not, the replied email will not be captured.

  • In the Criteria section, determine the condition based on which the notification has to be generated. Here, a notification is to be generated if the Notes are created in the Current Day.

  • Switch to the Message tab. In the Subject field, add the ATAG attribute by selecting Insert Attributes → ATAG.

  • Construct a message for the notification.

  • Now, configure the recipient list by clicking the Recipients tab. You can either choose an Associated Object or a static email list. As the email has been sent to the employee with whom the Notes are shared, we have selected Shared With from the Associated object. Select create.

  • A new notification is created.
Notification Created

Sending Notes as an Email

  • Consider creating a Note in the Notes Activity by associating a candidate’s profile to it.
Create Note

  • Click on the Shared With icon to share it with other employees. In the Employee: Search and Select popup, select the employee.
  • You can share it with more than one employee at a time.
  • On clicking create, a new note is created. The note will be available in the associated record in the Candidates App.
Notes Created

  • Simultaneously, an email is sent to the recipient with whom the document is shared.
  • As ATAG is added, the email subject will have the tag.
  • The recipient can reply to the email.

  • The replied Email will be added to the Email thread.
Emails App

  • In addition, the replied message will be added as a Note to the Notes tab and Notes Activity.
  • The Modified By and Modified On attribute will change based on when the replied email is added as a note.
Notes Added