How do I disable a view in the Testimonials App?

Updated on July 3, 2020 06:09AM by Admin

  • In the Testimonials App, the list of views present is listed in the left navigation panel.
Home Page

  • To disable a view, click the Settings icon from the App Header.

  • Navigate to Customize App → Views in the left navigation panel of the Settings page.
View Builder

  • There are two tabs in the View Builder. They are All and Enabled. The list of views visible is listed in the Enabled Views tab.
  • Disable the Display toggle for the view which is to be removed from the Home Page.
Disable Toggle

  • Once a view is disabled, it will be listed only in the All Views tab and not in the Enabled Views tab.
All View

  • When you navigate to the left navigation panel of the home page, you can see the disabled view, By Status, is not available.
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