How do I view testimonials by tags?

Updated on July 2, 2020 03:11AM by Admin

The Testimonials App of Apptivo allows you to views the testimonials based on tags. The tags shown in this app refers to both App Tags and Global Tags.

  • Prior to viewing the testimonials by tags, confirm that the By Tag view is enabled by redirecting to Settings → Customize App → Views.
View Builder

  • You can also configure to restrict the view to particular employees by selecting a privilege. Only the employees who have the selected privilege can view the selected view.

Note: The privileges for the employees are configured in the Employees App.

  • Now, go to the Home Page of the Testimonials App. Click By Tag from the left panel.
Home Page

  • The tags available in the By Tag section will be listed. Consider viewing testimonials that have the Essential tag.
  • On clicking the tag, the records will come into view.
Search Results

  • Select the More Details to navigate to the Overview page of a testimonial.