How do I customize the list layout for the web version in the Customers App?

Updated on June 27, 2020 06:51AM by Admin

  • In your Apptivo account, go to the Customers App. Select Settings from the App Header.
App Header

  • In the Settings page, select Customize App → List Layouts → Web from the left panel. The List Layouts page will come into view on the right side.

  • To change the name of a layout, hover your mouse pointer over the name. A pencil icon will come into view.
Pencil Icon

  • You can change the name of the layout and click outside the name to save the changes.
Rename Layout

  • To customize the attribute added to the layout, select the Display dropdown. It will list the attributes present in the Customers App.
Display Dropdown

  • Select the dropdown to add or remove an attribute. You can untick an attribute to remove it from the layout. Here, the Category is removed from the layout.
Attribute Removed

  • To add an attribute to the layout, tick an attribute from the dropdown. Here, Customer # is added.
  • You can also click on the Sort dropdown to configure a predefined sorting for the records in the layout.

  • Once the changes are made, go to the Show All page. To view the updated layout, select the Display dropdown.
  • The attributes will be displayed based on the updated fields when Customer Information is chosen in Display.

  • You can also set the customized layout as the default layout for any views from the View Builder.