How do I track an email sent to a single recipient?

Updated on June 22, 2020 02:53AM by Admin

Tracking an email sent to recipients can be tracked effortlessly with Apptivo. Before utilizing this feature, it is important to enable the Email Tracking facility by navigating to Settings → Email Tracking from the left panel.

  • Consider composing and sending an email in the Emails Activity.
Compose Email

  • Once the email is sent, you can track the status of the email from the Overview page of the Email.
  • The Overview page has information on when the Email is sent, delivered, and opened.

  • On hovering over a particular action, you can view the date and time on when the action occurred.
  • The below image shows when the email was delivered to the recipient.
Email Status

  • Similarly, the date and time when the email was opened can also be monitored.
  • If an email is bounced, then an additional action called Bounced will appear automatically.
  • On hovering over the action, you can see when the email was bounced.
Bounced Email

  • Click the Bounced Reason to analyze why the email was bounced.
Bounced Reason

  • This support is also extended for the side panel view. When you view the email from the sent page, you can see that the data can be seen.
Side Panel View