How do I highlight a Follow Up?

Updated on June 18, 2020 04:43AM by Admin

  • Navigate to the My Follow Up activity. Click on the “More” icon and select “Settings” located in the App header bar.
App Header

  • Choose the “General” dropdown and select “Highlighting” from the left navigation panel.

  • Select the “Create” button to create a new highlighting and specify:
    • Name - Highlighting name.
    • Priority Score - Priority score for the Highlighting rule. If this setting has more than one highlighting definition, then this score helps in prioritizing them.
    • Background Color - Select background Color.
    • Text Color - Select Text Color.
    • Description - Description of the Highlights.
Basic Information

  • Define the criteria based on which a particular follow up is to be highlighted. The condition can be explained by selecting attributes and their equivalent values. Here, we are setting it to the following condition - Assigned To is Albert Lynch.

  • Click on the “Create” button to complete.
Highlight Created