How do I create a contact in GSuite and sync it with Apptivo?

Updated on June 10, 2020 04:16AM by Admin

GSuite allows you to perform two-way sync with Apptivo. As soon as the Contact Sharing feature is enabled in Apptivo, a new folder is created in your GSuite contact page with the Apptivo label and your Account name with Apptivo.

  • Log into your Gmail and select Google Apps from the top right. Here, select the Contacts App of Google.
  • Select the label that is named as Apptivo “Your Business Name” Contacts. Here, Contacts is chosen as this ensures sync with the Contacts App of Apptivo.
Contacts App
  • You will be redirected to the Contacts App. In the left navigation panel, there are a number of labels listed.
  • The list of contacts synced with your Apptivo Contacts App will be listed. Select Create to create a new contact.
Contact List
  • In the Create New Contact popup, add the information related to your contact.
Create Contact

  • On selecting create, a new contact is created in your GSuite Contacts App under the label Apptivo “Your Business Name” Contacts.
Contact Added

  • When you navigate to your Contacts App of Apptivo account synced with this GSuite account, the created will be listed in the Show All page.
Show All Page

  • You can click on More Details to see the overview page of the contact.
Overview Page