How do I create a customer in GSuite and sync it with Apptivo?

Updated on June 10, 2020 04:07AM by Admin

GSuite allows two-way sync with Apptivo’s Customers App. Once the Customer Sharing feature is enabled in Apptivo, a new folder is created automatically in your GSuite contact page with the Apptivo label and your Apptivo Account name. Though the destination application in Apptivo is Customers App, the customer is to be added via the Contacts App of GSuite.

  • In your Gmail, select Google Apps from the top right. Select the Contacts App of Google.

  • You will be navigated to the Contacts App. In the left navigation panel, there are a number of labels listed.
  • Select the label that is named as Apptivo "Your Business Name" Customers. Here, Customers is selected as this ensures sync with the Customers App of Apptivo.
Contacts App

  • The customers synced with your Apptivo Customers App will come into view. Select Create to create a new customer.
Customer List

  • In the Create New Contact popup, add the details related to your customer.
Create Contact

  • On selecting create, a new contact is created in your GSuite Contacts App under the label Apptivo "Your Business Name" Customers.
Customers Added

  • The created contact will be available in the Customers App of Apptivo.
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