How do I Configure the E-Commerce portal in Apptivo?

Updated on June 8, 2020 07:30AM by Admin

To configure the E-Commerce portal first, you have to generate your own E-Commerce portal URL.

Steps to Generate the URL

  • Login and access the Xinnect app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Settings on the App header.

  • In the Settings page, click on the E-Commerce portal on the left panel and selects the Ecommerce Portal URL.

  • Enable the toggle for the E-Commerce Portal URL.
  • By enabling the Toggle, you can view the auto-populated Subdomain based on your firm. 
  • You can edit your subdomain as per your preferences.
  • Then the E-Commerce portal will get Auto-generated as per your subdomain.
Portal URL

  • You can add your custom domain, by enabling the Custom Domain toggle.
Custom Domain

  • Click on the generated E-Commerce URL.
  • The E-Commerce portal is automatically configured with our Items, Orders, Shipping, Invoice, and the Sales Return apps.
E-Commerce Portal

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