How do I search for an email in Emails App?

Updated on June 4, 2020 08:23AM by Admin

  • Connect to your Apptivo account and select Emails from the Home page.
Home Page

  • You will be redirected to the Emails activity. Here, you can perform two types of searches.
    • Simple Search
    • Advanced Search

Simple Search

  • In Simple Search, you can search based on any value present in the Search bar at the top.
Simple Search

  • Here, an Invoice number 1011 is added. Click the search icon. The emails which have the invoice number 1011 will be listed.

Advanced Search

  • In Advanced Search, select the dropdown present in the Search bar.
Advanced Search

  • The Advanced Search side panel will come into view. Here, you can enter any value against a particular attribute.
  • The search operation will be performed such that the emails that have that particular value will be displayed.
  • Here, Advanced Search is carried out to list out the emails between the date period May 1 and May 31.
Side Panel

  • The search results will display the emails as per the search results.
Search Results