How do I create a Miscellaneous Receipt?

Updated on June 1, 2020 07:51AM by Admin

  • Miscellaneous Receipt is issued for the items added to the Inventory. Consider the Inventory of an item, Electric Motors is as given below.
Default Item Quantity

  • In your Apptivo account, select Miscellaneous Receipt from the Global Header. You will be navigated to the Miscellaneous Receipt App. Select Create to create a new Miscellaneous Receipt.
App Page

  • In the Create Miscellaneous Receipt page, document the transaction date, memo, and the warehouse in which the item has to be stocked.
Create Receipt

  • Scroll down to the Items table. Here, add the item to be stocked along with the Receiving Quantity, Locator, Zone, and Device ID.
  • You can also delete or add a note to the item added.
  • To add more than one item, select the (+) icon to add another row.
Add Item

Note: You can add only those items created in the Items App.

  • Select Create. A new Miscellaneous Receipt is created.
Receipt Created

  • Once a receipt is created, the quantity for which receipt is created gets added to the Item’s Inventory.
  • Navigate to the particular Item’s overview page in the Items App.
Items App

  • Select the 360-degree tab and select Inventory Management.
  • You can see the On Hand Quantity and Available Quantity is increased.
Updated Item Quantity