How do I customize my table view in the Notes Activity?

Updated on May 25, 2020 02:44AM by Admin

When you want your table view in the Notes activity to display with your required fields, you can make use of the List Layout feature in the Notes to achieve it.

  • In the Notes Activity of your Apptivo account, select the Settings icon from the App Header.

  • You will be redirected to the Settings page. Here, choose Customize App → List Layout from the left panel.
Customize App

  • The List Layout page will come into view. Select Create to create a new list layout.
List Layout

  • A new layout Default is added to the List Layout page.
Default Layout

  • To rename the layout, hover your mouse over the layout name to bring forth the pencil icon.
Pencil Icon

  • Click on the pencil icon to rename the selected List Layout’s name. You can see the layout is renamed as Employees Notes on clicking outside the name field.
Default Edit Field

  • Apart from renaming the layout name, you can also decide on the attributes (fields) to appear while opting for a particular layout in the table view.
  • Select the display dropdown. You can see the list of attributes available in the Notes activity.
Renamed Layout

  • To remove an attribute from the layout, untick the attribute from the dropdown. Here, the Tags attribute is removed.
Attribute Removed

  • To add an attribute from the layout, tick the attribute from the dropdown. Here, the description attribute is added.
Attribute Added

  • Now, go to the Home Page of the Notes Activity. Switch to Table View.
Home Page

  • The Table View page loads in your browser. By default, the layout is displayed based on the Overview layout.
Table View

  • Select the Display dropdown. The created list layout Employee Notes will be listed.
Display Dropdown

  • On selecting Employees Notes, the table view will display the attributes as per the configuration.
Layout Changed