How do I create Sub Categories in the Items App?

Updated on May 25, 2020 02:13AM by Admin

  • Log in and access Items App from your universal navigation menu bar. Choose the Settings icon from the App Header.

  • In the Settings page, choose Items → Categories from the left panel. In the Categories page, the categories will be listed.
  • Select Create Sub Category icon of a created category. Here, Outdoor Designing.
Sub Category

  • The Create Sub Category popup will come into view. Add a name and description of the category. To enable the flag, slide the toggle.
Create Sub Category

  • The Sub Category is added to the main category, Outdoor Designing.
Category Added

  • Now, while creating items, you can select the categories by clicking on the "+" icon.
Create Item

  • Click on the Parent Category (Outdoor Designing) to view its sub category.
Add Category Popup

  • Select the Sub Category created and select Add.
Sub Category Selected

  • The Sub Category will now be successfully added.
Category Added

  • The item will be visible when you select By Category → Outdoor Designing → Recreation (Sub Category) in the left panel of the Lists in the Items App.
By Category