How do I configure Table View as the default view in the Notes Activity?

Updated on May 23, 2020 07:45AM by Admin

  • By default, the Notes Activity is configured to display the Notes in the List View.
List View

  • To display your Notes in Table View, you can customize it from the Preferences section of your User Menu in the top right corner.
User Menu

Configuring Default Layout from Preferences

  • Go to the Preferences page from the User Menu.
  • Select General → Collaboration →Notes from the left panel. Expand the Notes activity.
  • You can see both List View and Table View are listed in the Notes Activity.

  • To configure Table View as the default layout, hover your cursor over the three vertical dots in the Table View.
Edit Icon

  • Click and drag it to place the Table View above the List View.
Drag and Drop

  • The changes are saved automatically.
Layout Updated

  • Now, the Home Page of your Notes Activity will display in Table View by default.
Default View