How to set the Assignment Rules in Customers App?

Updated on May 12, 2020 04:09AM by Admin

Assignment Rules automatically assign the customer profiles to a Sales Representative or an Employee in your Organization.

Steps to set the Assignment Rules

  • In the Settings page of the Customers App, go to Settings → Customers → Assignment Rules.

  • Enable the toggle for Assignment Rules in the right pane. Select Create to create a new assignment rule.
Assignment Rule Page

  • In the Create Assignment Rule page, add a name and description for the assignment rule. To keep the rule active, enable the toggle.
  • You can also set the priority score on how this rule should be applied when more than one assignment rules are active.
Create Assignment Rule

  • In the Assignment section, you can assign a customer to either an employee or a team. Here, an employee is chosen.
  • In the Criteria section, configure the criteria during which the rule should be enabled. Here, the record should be assigned when the Category is Referral.

  • Select Create. A new assignment rule is created.
Rule Created

  • Consider creating a new customer profile in the Customers App. You can see the record is assigned to Caroline Forbes while creating it.
Create Customer

  • However, as the category is Referral, the Sales Rep will be automatically changed as Peyton Daniel as per the configuration.
Rule Applied