How do I set the default Case Source for the Customer Portal?

Updated on July 5, 2021 08:12AM by Admin

Apptivo’s cases portal provides the ability to add third-party customers to Cases app, so they can log in and create a case and enter the case details using their own account. The Customer can view and manage the cases through the Apptivo account. In Addition, you can set the default Case source for the Portal so that it will easy to identify the Cases that are created from the customer Portal.

Steps to create Case Source

  • Login and access the Cases app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the settings.
Cases App
  • In the settings page, click on the Cases and select the Case Source.
  • From the Case Source, click on the Create.
Case Source
  • Add the Case Source Name in the Crease Case Source popup.
  • Here, the name is added as Portal and click on the Create button.
  • New Case Source Portal will get created.
Case Source Created

Steps to Configure Default Portal value

  • In the Settings Page, click on the Customize App and select the Master Layout.
Master Layout
  • In the Master Layout, click on the Case Source to navigate to the Inspector tab on the right side.
Inspector Tab
  • You can view the Default Value(Portal) under the Standard Behaviour section.
  • Click on the Dropdown, you can view the create Case Sources as the option.
  • Select the newly created case source Portal from the option.
Default value Portal
  • Save the Changes.
  • You can view the Default Value as Portal from the Case Portal Login.
Case Portal
  • The case created from the Portal Login with the Default case source.
Case Created
  • You can view the Cases in your Apptivo account with the Case Source as Portal.
Default Case Source