How to create a template for Notes Activity?

Updated on April 30, 2020 06:46AM by Admin

Templates are one of the sorted tools in businesses. Templates save the documentation time. Instead, the time can be used to review, edit, and work on other activities for the welfare of the business. With Apptivo, you can create templates for Notes Activity. With this, the employee can simply get the template and add the additional information.

Luke is an employee looking over the tasks of the newly joined interns. He assigns the task to them. Whenever work is assigned to them, he wants them to reach out to the concerned clients for a better understanding of the task at hand. So, he adds a note every time a task is assigned to an intern. It is challenging to add the same note to multiple tasks every day. He creates a template with Apptivo and adds the note easily.

Steps to create a template

Templates for Notes are created from the Emails activity. This is to enable dual use of the created Templates.

  • Log into your Apptivo account and select Emails Activity from the Apptivo Home Page.
Home Page

  • Select Settings in the Email activity. Here, go to the Email Templates section. Select Create to create a new template.
Create Template

  • In the Create Email Template page, add a name and subject for the template.
  • There are two toggles to control the visibility of templates. Each toggle represents Emails and Notes Activity respectively.
  • If both the toggles are enabled, then the template will be present in both Emails and Notes activities.
  • Here, the toggle for Emails is disabled. So, the template will be available only for Notes. In addition to this, add the description for the template.
Email Template

  • Select Create. A new template is created.
Email Template Created

  • This template will be available while creating Notes in the Notes activity.