How to create Competencies in Recruitment App?

Updated on April 28, 2020 04:56AM by Admin

Organizations look into various factors apart from a candidate’s qualifications during the hiring process. Some positions need some specific competencies. Not all candidates have all the mentioned competencies. To have this data recorded properly, Apptivo’s Recruitment App allows you to create Competencies and have it merged with the specific positions for easy follow-ups.

Esther is a Senior Employee in the Technical Department. The business is expanding and this has given room for new positions. Since it is a technical department, having a degree is not sufficient. Candidates are required to have specific skills to acquire a particular position. To have the information recorded, Esther asks the Human Resources department to feed the list of competencies needed for each position in the technical department using Apptivo. This will help the Human Resources Team to look for these skills in a candidate during the hiring process. This also avoids miscommunication between the technical team and Human Resources Team.

Steps to create Competencies

  • In the Recruitment App, go to Settings → Recruitment → Competencies. The Qualifications page appears in the right pane.
  • Select Create to create a new Competency.

  • In the Create Competency popup, add a name and description for the competency.
  • Once the values are added, select Create.
Create Competency

  • New competency is created. You can click on the Edit icon to edit a competency.
  • Select the Disable icon to keep a competency inactive.
Competency Created

  • Now, create a new position or open an existing position in the Recruitment App. In the Overview page, scroll down to the Competencies table.
Overview Page

  • Select Add to add a new competency for the position. The Select Competency pop up appears.
  • Enable the toggle to add a competency.
  • You can also enter the number of years.
  • You can select more than one competency for a Position. Tick the Checkbox and select Add.
Select Competency

  • The selected competency is added to the Competencies table.
Competency Added