How to create Qualification in Recruitment App?

Updated on April 27, 2020 06:25AM by Admin

Recruitment App of Apptivo is a structured tool with a well-defined process. Recruitment App covers the entire hiring process. Businesses already have a plan on the candidates who are to be recruited. From the Settings page of the Recruitment App, you can easily feed the qualification details that are to be possessed by the candidates.

Angela is the Human Resources Manager. Their business basically is a teaching institute. So, they hire teachers who have a Master’s Degree in different fields. Instead of adding this information manually, Angela wants her to team to choose one from the available list. So, she uses Apptivo and feeds the qualification requirement.

Steps to create Qualification

  • In the Recruitment App, go to Settings → Recruitment → Qualifications. The Qualifications page appears in the right pane.
  • Select Create to create a new Qualification.

  • In the Create Qualification popup, add a name and description for the qualification.
  • Once the values are added, select Create.
Create Qualification

  • New qualification is created. You can click on the Edit icon to edit a qualification.
  • You can also select the Disable icon to keep a qualification inactive.
Qualification Created

  • Now, create a new position or open an existing position in the Recruitment App. In the Overview page, scroll down to the Qualifications table.
Overview Page

  • Select Add to add a new qualification for the position. The Select Qualification pop up materializes.
  • Enable the toggle for the required qualification. You can also enter the number of years.
  • You can select more than one qualification for a Position. Tick the Checkbox and select Add.
Select Qualification

  • The qualification is added to the Qualifications table.
Qualification Added