How to disable a Sales Stage in Apptivo?

Updated on April 25, 2020 03:41AM by Admin

Sales Stages are proven to be an asset when it is about the efficient management of a business. Sales stages dissect the entire process involved in converting an Opportunity into a Customer. It defines a clear-cut procedure for the Sales Representatives and ensures that the data transfer is smooth. However, the Sales Stages may not be the same for all businesses. If needed, there is also a probability of skipping a sales stage. You can accomplish it with Apptivo’s Opportunities App.

Edmund is the Sales Manager of RBC Corporations. The business is about contractual work for different services. The Company basically converts a lead into an Opportunity only after assessing the Value Proposition. Hence, there is no necessity for having the Value Proposition Sales Stage. Edmund follows the below steps to disable this specific sales stage in Apptivo.

Steps to Disable a Sales Stage

  • Log into your Apptivo account and select Settings. In the Settings page, go to Opportunities → Sales Stage. The Sales Stage page appears in the right pane.

  • To edit a Sales Stage, select More Details of a particular sales stage. Here, Value Proposition.
More Details

  • The View Sales Stage page will come into view. Here, slide off the toggle for Enabled. This toggle controls the visibility of a particular sales stage in the Overview Page.
View Sales Stage

  • On sliding off the toggle, Disable Sales Stage popup will materialize. Here, you can perform two kinds of actions.
    • Choose a different stage for the Opportunities that are currently labeled to be in the Value Proposition stage.
    • Retain the Sales Stage as Value Proposition in the existing Opportunities marked as Value Proposition.
Disable Sales Stage

  • Here, 'Leave these Opportunities in the current stage' is chosen and select Apply.
Type Selected

  • The sales stage is disabled successfully.
Disable Success

Consider editing the Sales Stage of an existing Opportunity in the Opportunities App. In the Sales Stage dropdown, there is no provision to select Value Proposition as the Sales Stage.