How to change the Sales Stage name in Apptivo?

Updated on April 25, 2020 02:56AM by Admin

Sales Stage defines the status of the Opportunities as they are converted to customers. Every business has chalked out steps to determine how an Opportunity has to pass through. The process is similar. However, different businesses might refer to different sales stages with various names and different criteria. You can configure this effectively with Apptivo.

Amy is a Sales Manager of Onyx Consultancy. Their business follows a different approach when handling the Sales Stage. Since it is a consultancy, they prefer citing the Prospecting stage as Exploring. They can effortlessly change the Sales Stage name from Apptivo’s Opportunities App.

Steps to edit the Sales Stage

  • Log into your Apptivo account and select Settings. In the Settings page, go to Opportunities → Sales Stage. The Sales Stage page appears in the right pane.

  • To edit a Sales Stage, select More Details of a particular sales stage.
More Details

  • The View Sales Stage page will come into view. Hover over the attribute that has to be edited. A pencil icon will materialize.
View Sales Stage

  • At this point, the Name is edited. You can change the name in the Name field of the edit column.
Edit Name

  • Once the new name is added, click outside the edit field of the Name Column. The Name value gets updated in the Sales Stage.
Sales Stage Updated