How to embed videos in the Campaigns App of Apptivo?

Updated on April 18, 2020 05:30AM by Admin

Campaigns App of Apptivo allows you to send Campaigns from predefined templates. You need not create a new campaign every time. Instead, you can use the templates available to configure your Campaigns. You can also embed videos while launching a campaign. 

Wills is an employee in the Marketing Department. He wants to send a short video depicting the company while sending Campaigns to make the emails tailor-made. Using the Campaigns App of Apptivo, he can easily send an email with the video widget.

Steps to embed videos

  • Go to Settings → Email → Email Templates. Here, select Basic Templates. In the Basic Templates, switch to Customized view. Select Create to create a new template.

  • The Select Theme popup will appear. Here, you can either select from an available theme or go with the default theme.
Select Theme

  • Once the theme is selected, add the basic information related to the Campaign. You can add a name and Email subject for the Campaign in the Create Email Template page.
Create Email Template

  • In the Design area, you can utilize the attributes offered by the Campaigns App of Apptivo to customize the emails.
  • To embed a video to the email template, drag and drop the Video widget.
Video Widget

  • Click on the added Video Widget to view the Inspector tab. In the Inspector tab, you can customize the video section.
Inspector tab

The below characteristics of the video can be modified:

  • Video Thumbnail Image - To have a different image as a thumbnail of the video, select the Browse button.
  • Video URL - Here, you can add the URL of the video to be added to the email.
  • Aspect Ratio - Use this toggle to maintain the Aspect Ratio.
  • Width - In the width section, you can change the width of the video.
  • Height - In the height section, you can change the height of the video.
  • Border - You can set the border value of the video here.
  • Border Style - As the border is set, you can determine the style of border to be Solid, Dotted or Dashed.
  • Border Color - Set a border color for the video here.
  • Once the URL is added, you can see the video is added to the video widget in the design area.

  • Once the changes are made, select Create. A new Campaign is created. Now, create a Campaign in the Campaigns App with the template created as the Email Template.
Campaign Overview

  • Select Launch to launch the Campaign. Once the campaign is launched, an email will be generated to the targets added to the target list.

  • The email will have the video added to it. On clicking the video, the recipient will be redirected to the URL embedded in the video widget.