How do I customize the views based on the Preferences in suppliers App?

Updated on April 18, 2020 04:44AM by Admin

Suppliers App from Apptivo helps you to manage all your suppliers in a single place. It is also designed to add, manage and track the items supplied by the suppliers. Customization is one of the prime functionality of the Apptivo. You can customize the Apptivo’s app as per your business need. The customized view is more important to save to your time and additionally, it will help you to get clear views according to the suppliers’ preferences level.

Let's consider, Mr.Clay Jensen is the supplier manager and his job plays to handle the lots of suppliers and manage them with the item supplied with the price management as well. Apptivo’s Suppliers app helps him to customize the app according to their business preferences. He wants to view the suppliers of the team member Miss. Elsa Kevin’s supplier according to their preferences so he is creating a custom view for the suppliers according to their preferences level. Please follow the steps on how he is creating the custom view based on the preferences.

Steps to follow

  • Login and access the Suppliers App from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the settings.
  • In the Settings, click on the Customize App and select the Views.
  • In the Views Page, you can view the create button under the Left Panel Views.
  • By clicking on the Create button, the create view side panel will get appear.
  • Add the Title and the Description for the view.
  • By using the Privilege dropdown, you set the views according to their privilege access.
  • In the List Layout, you can set the required layout to be customized.
List Layout
  • With the Display toggle, you can enable/ disable the custom created view on the left panel.
  • In the Criteria section, you can set the condition for the custom view.
  • By selecting the attributes and the values, you can set the criteria for the view.
  • Here, you are creating the view as per the Miss. Elsa preference level.
  • Then, click on the Add Condition, and set the condition as per the Preferences Level attributes.
  • Click on the Create button.
Create button
  • The custom view is created and added to the list.
Views Created
  • Now, go to the Supplier App home page, and you can view the created view under the Shared view.
  • Here, you can view all the suppliers of Miss. Elsa Kevin under the Preferences level Approved and Preferred.
Home Page