How to perform Advanced Search in Invoices of Apptivo Windows App?

Updated on April 14, 2020 04:25AM by Admin

A brilliant app that manages all your Invoices is ensured by the Invoices App of Apptivo. You can create, manage, and send your Invoices for Approval. Within the Invoices App, you can also perform Advanced Search to filter out your Invoices based on specific attributes to narrow down your search.

Sam is an Employee in the Finance Department. He attends a meeting with a client who is annoyed that his Invoices are not documented properly. Sam uses Apptivo and he knows that the Invoices of the particular client are documented properly. He makes use of the Advanced Search feature in the Windows Mobile App to show the relevant information to the client.

Steps to perform Advanced Search

  • Log into your Apptivo Windows Mobile App and navigate to the Invoices App.
Invoices App

  • Here, select Advanced Search dropdown from the header. You will be redirected to the Advanced Search page.
Advanced Search

  • Here, you can filter the records based on a specific attribute. It can be more than an attribute at a time. Since the Invoices are to be filtered based on the Customer Name, select the value field in the Customer Attribute.
Search Customers

  • In the Select Customers popup, select a Customer. Here, Gina.
Select Customers

  • The customer is added to the Advanced Search field. Select SearchThe filtered records will appear. 
Search Complete