How to view Purchase Orders by Status in Apptivo Windows App?

Updated on April 14, 2020 04:16AM by Admin

Purchase Orders App of Apptivo provides the status of the orders placed to the buyers. The status changes automatically based on the action performed. The different statuses available in the Purchase Orders App are Created, Sent, Sent, Closed, and Cancelled. You can also filter the records based on the status using the View available.

Akira is the General Manager of RichText Business. It has come to his attention during a meeting with a Supplier that a huge number of orders placed to the Suppliers are canceled. His business uses Apptivo to manage the everyday operation of the organization. He logs into the Apptivo Windows App and checks the canceled Purchase orders.

Steps to View by Status

  • Log into your Windows Mobile App of Apptivo and navigate to the Purchase Orders App.
Purchase Order App

  • You will be redirected to the Home Page of the Purchase Orders App. The different kinds of Views based on particular filters are available in the Lists column of the left pane.
  • Here, select By Status to view Purchase Orders based on the status of the orders.
By Status

  • In the By Status popup, select Canceled.
By Status Pop Up

  • The list of canceled Purchase Orders is displayed.
Canceled Orders

  • You can click on a Purchase Order in the view to see the information relevant to the order.
Information of Orders