How to create a task in the Purchase Orders App of the Apptivo Windows platform?

Updated on April 14, 2020 04:10AM by Admin

Collaboration Activities of Apptivo is a great resource used to perform multiple activities related to your Purchase Order. You can send emails, log calls, create tasks, events, and add documents for each Purchase Order with the Activities tab available on the Overview page.

Blake is the Quality Analyst of RMB Business. He is responsible for analyzing the quality of products once the Purchase Order is placed. As soon as a Purchase Order is placed, a task can be created in the Apptivo Windows App for Blake to start his work.

Steps to create a Task

  • Go the Overview Page of the Purchase Order for which a task is to be created.
Purchase Order Overview

  • Click on the More icon at the bottom and select Add Tasks.
Add Task

  • You will be redirected to the Create Task page. Here, add the information related to the task.
  • You can add the Due date, task duration, and status of the task. Also, you can change the Assignee of the task.
Create Task

  • Once the information related to the task is added, select Create (Tick Icon). You can see a task is created.
Task Created

  • On navigating to the Overview page of the Purchase Order, the task is available in the Tasks tab.
Task Overview

  • You can select it to view the information related to the task.