How to create a Purchase Order in Windows Mobile App of Apptivo?

Updated on April 14, 2020 06:21AM by Admin

Purchase Orders are placed by a buyer to a seller for the purchase of products. Apptivo has a smart Supply Chain Management tool that allows you to manage the entire Supply Chain in your business. You can also create Purchase Orders from the Purchase Orders App of Apptivo in your Windows Mobile App.

Derek is the Sales Analyst of the Supply Chain Department in his Office. He is in charge of meeting Suppliers and placing Orders. Since his work involves movement, it is difficult to carry a laptop everywhere. He uses Windows Phone. He installs the Apptivo software to his mobile phone and uses the Purchase Orders App to place the order. Along with this, he also sends an email to the Supplier as a confirmation.

Steps to create a Purchase Order

  • Log into your Apptivo mobile App and go to the Purchase Orders App. In the Purchase Orders App, select Create.
Create Purchase Order

  • You will be redirected to the Create Purchase Order page. Here, add the basic information related to the Purchase Order including the Supplier Information.
Create Purchase Order Page

  • Scroll down to add the Item Information.
Add Item

  • Once added, select the tick icon. You can either create a Purchase Order or create and send a Purchase Order. Here, you can see Create and Send is selected.
Create and Send

  • In the Send Email page, confirm the information related to the Purchase Order and select Send.
New Email

  • You can see a Purchase Order is created.
Purchase Order Created

  • Similarly, an email is generated to the Supplier as a confirmation.
Email Sent