How to opt-out a contact from the Target List?

Updated on April 6, 2020 09:36PM by Admin

Targets App in Apptivo has detailed functionality catering to each and every requirement of customers. If you want a particular customer to remain in the Target list but not receive emails for now, you can make use of the opt-out feature.

For Instance: Consider a particular contact has informed that they wouldn’t want to receive any Campaigns till the end of April.

  • Go to the Targets App in Apptivo and open the Target list where the contact has to be removed. Here, Discount Offer.

  • In the Overview page, you can see the different CRM Apps added as a tab. On clicking each CRM tab, you can see the list of records added to the Target list.
  • Since a contact has to be opted out from the target list, select the Contacts tab. Here, Derick has to be opted out from receiving emails.
Opt Out

  • On clicking Opt Out, the status of the contact is updated. So, the contact will not receive any emails.
Contact Removed

  • Additionally, the number of targets exempted from receiving any Campaign information will be available on the Overview page.
Overview Count