How to retain default Sales Stage value during Custom Conversion from Leads App to Opportunities App?

Updated on April 6, 2020 05:34AM by Admin

CRM Apps of Apptivo has always been very resourceful in maintaining a stable relationship with Customers. The conversion feature of Apptivo allows easy transfer of data from one App to another. However, while converting, you might require to keep a default value for a particular attribute. This can be done with the assistance of Master Layout.

Leads mainly refer to those potential customers which are gathered from existing customers, campaigns and other types of marketing. When a lead shows interest in your product and if there is a chance of establishing a business relationship, the lead becomes an Opportunity.

Harry owns a restaurant and is an existing customer of your Software business for the past ten years. He has a very good friend, Lisa who is starting her own business. He wants Lisa to have a similar user experience. So, he suggests your Application to her. Now, Lisa is a Lead. After timely Follow-ups, the lead becomes an Opportunity. However, your business follows strict rules to convert to Opportunity only if the Lead is Qualified. So, you want the Sales Stage to be assigned by default to Qualification in Opportunities App during conversion.

Step 1: Setting default value in Master Layout

  • Go to Settings → Customize App → Master Layout in the Opportunities App.
Master Layout

  • In the Master Layout, click on Sales Stage. It will load the Inspector tab in the right pane.
Inspector Tab

  • Scroll down to the default value and click on the dropdown. You can select a default value. Here, Qualification.
  • Finally, save the changes.

Step 2: Custom Conversion of Lead to Opportunity

To retain the default value of the Sales Stage in Opportunities App, do not map any attribute with Opportunities App’s Sales Stage. If you map any other attribute, then the mapped value will be added to the Sales Stage.

  • In the Leads App, navigate to Settings → Leads → Conversion → Custom Conversion. Here, select Mapping.
Custom Conversion

  • In the Leads → Opportunities Mapping Fields, map the attributes of the Leads App with the attributes of Opportunities App.
  • Mapping helps to map the values of the attributes present in the Source App with attributes in the Destination App. Here, Leads to Opportunities.
  • For Example, The Lead’s first name is mapped with the Name attribute of Opportunity. So, while conversion, the First Name value of Leads is automatically added to the First Name of Opportunities. Similarly, map the required attributes.

  • Once Mapping is done, click Update. The changes get updated.

Step 3: Converting a Lead

  • Create a new lead in the Leads App.
Lead Overview

  • Click on the convert button from the top right corner. Select To Opportunities.
Convert To

  • You will be redirected to the Create Opportunities page. You can see the Sales Stage is predefined as Qualification according to the configuration in Master Layout.
Create Opportunities

  • Also, all other mapped fields are added to the designated attributes.