How to associate Email with Follow Up?

Updated on April 6, 2020 04:57AM by Admin

Collaboration Activities in Apptivo is created with the main purpose of performing various actions in Apptivo. Using Collaboration, you can see the list of activities carried out across different apps in Apptivo. Follow Up activity of Apptivo allows you to create follow up for different records. Also, while creating Follow ups, you can also associate different Apps with it.

Amy David is a Sales Employee. She receives an Email in the late evening from Jennifer, a customer asking for an estimate of certain Two wheeler spare parts. So, she makes use of the Follow Up activity to create a follow-up and also associates the particular Email for easy reference. Below are the steps employed by Amy to associate the email with the Follow Up.

Steps to Associate an Email with a Follow Up

  • Go to Follow Ups activity of Apptivo and select Create.
Create Follow Up

  • Create Follow Up popup will appear, here select the Activity to be associated from App.
App Select

  • Once Email activity is selected, click on the Search icon to select the email to be associated.
App Added

  • In the Email: Search and Select, choose the Email. Also, for easy differentiation, appropriate icons are added to distinguish Sent and Received Emails.
Search Email

  • You can see the email is added. Along with this, add the Follow-Up date, Reminder Time, description, phone number and email address for the Follow Up.
Information Added

  • Select Create. You can see a Follow Up is created.
Follow Up Added

  • Click on the Follow Up to view the information related to it. Here, next to App, you can see the hyperlink of the associated Email.
View Follow Up

  • On clicking it, you will be redirected to that email page in the Emails Activity.
Associated Email