How to create a Miscellaneous issue from Inventory Management?

Updated on March 27, 2020 06:31AM by Admin

Apptivo's Inventory Management app is set up between five different application that works together with Inventory management application. The miscellaneous issue is also a part of inventory management, you can create a miscellaneous issue to manage the quantity of the product that cannot be shipped.

Let's Consider, some of the products in the inventory have expired or outdated. You want to reduce the quantity of those products without shipment, you have to raise Miscellaneous issues for that quantity and that will reduce the quantity of the product in the inventory. Let’s create a miscellaneous issue for the product Memo Planner ( last year’s).

Inventory Management App

Steps to create Miscellaneous Issue

  • Login and access the Inventory Management app from the Universal menu.
  • Click on the Create.

  • Select Create Miscellaneous Issue.
Miscellaneous Issue

  • You will be navigated to the Create Miscellaneous Issue page.
Create Page

  • Select the Warehouse that the Item is in the stock.

  • Select the item in the Item name.
Item Name

  • Enter the quantity that needs to be deducted from the Inventory.

  • Click on the Create button.
Create button

  • Your Miscellaneous Issue will be created.
Issue Created

  • Once the miscellaneous issue is created, the item quantity will get reduced.
Item Quantity