How to create an account type in Revenue in Ledger App?

Updated on March 26, 2020 04:37AM by Admin

Revenue is basically the income generated from the sale of goods and services in a business. A business receives income from different sources like interests, sales, fees earned, and many more. Apptivo’s Ledger App allows you to create different account types for Revenue.

  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Account Types. Select Create to create a new sub-account type for a particular account in Ledger App. Here, Revenue.

  • You can add a name for the account type in the Create Account Type Side Panel. Also, add the starting and ending account numbers for the account.
  • An account that falls within this number series will be denoted as the created Account type.
Create Account Type

  • Keep the Enable toggle ON to list the account type for use. Additionally, you can ‘upload Logo’ for this account type.
Upload Image

  • Once the information is added for the Account Type, select Create. The account type is added to the main account → Revenue.
  • You can also select the (+) icon to add a sub-account type for the created account. 
Sub Account

  • This account type can be used while creating accounts in the Ledger App.

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