How to create Service Hours in the Cases App?

Updated on March 26, 2020 04:10AM by Admin

Management of customer requests is one of the important features of CRM apps. Cases App assists Organizations in designing the Service Hours and allocating it to a particular group to work on it.

  • Go to Settings → Cases → Service Hours → Create to create a new Service Hour.

  • In the Create Service Hour popup, you can add a Name for the Service Hour. You can also determine the Start Time, End Time and working hours.
Create Service Hours

  • If you want this Service hour to be the default working hours, you can enable Default toggle.
  • Along with the mentioned configuration, you can also allocate the days of Service.
Service Days

  • Once configured, select Create. A new Service Hour is created.
Service Hour Created

  • Service hour is commonly used to allocate cases to a particular email during a particular service hour.

For Instance: Go to Settings → Email → Email to Cases. Select Add to configure a new email to the cases.

Email to Cases
  • In the Add Email page, you can add the ‘Addressed to’ Email Account. The emails will be addressed to this email account.
Add Email

  • You can also assign it to a particular Employee. By enabling, From Email ID, this will become the From Email ID while composing a message from the case.
  • By enabling Add to CC, the email will be in the CC list if removed from the From Email ID section.
  • You can also give access to Employees for the Report related to it from the Report Data Access section.
  • You can also set the SLA. In the Work Shift section, you can add the Work Shift.

  • In the Acknowledgement section, you can determine the event that should take place on creating and updating cases during Work Hours and Off Hours. Once configured, select Create.

  • Consider a case is created within the created Service Hours.

  • An email will be generated automatically according to the configuration.