How to change the Fiscal year based on Accounting Calendar in Opportunities App?

Updated on April 6, 2020 04:45AM by Admin

Opportunities App of Apptivo has an Intelligence dashboard that empowers you to keep track of the performance of your business towards Opportunities. With smart filters, you can filter out your Opportunities based on the fiscal year of your business. However, not all businesses have the same fiscal year. To accommodate this variation, Apptivo allows you to configure your fiscal year efficiently.

Logan owns an Event Management Company. His company is basically controlled by seasonal fluctuations. When other businesses expect profit in a particular month, his business might face some negative impacts. To end every financial year of his business at a positive note, he changes his fiscal year to July to June. He makes use of the Ledger App of Apptivo to update the fiscal year. To view the dashboard accordingly, he updates this change in Opportunities App as well.

Steps to change the Fiscal year based on Accounting Calendar

Step 1: Create a Calendar in Ledger App

Before viewing the dashboard in Opportunities App according to the Fiscal year of the business, it is mandatory to record it in your Ledgers App.

  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Calendar in the Ledger App. Here, select Create to create a new calendar.
Calendar Settings

  • In the Create Calendar side panel, add a name and description for your calendar. Along with this, you can set the periods.
Create Calendar

  • Ledger App offers two kinds of periods.

Auto generate from start date - You can configure the start date and the remaining period will be created automatically.

Manually define periods - Here, you have to define each period manually.

  • As you can see, Auto Generate from start date is chosen here and the start period is selected as July 1, 2020. Now, select Create.
  • A new calendar is created.
Calendar Created

Step 2: Change the default Calendar in Ledger App

Once the calendar is created, you have to map that calendar with your legal entity.

  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Legal Entities in the Ledger App. Click on the legal entity whose calendar has to be updated.
Legal Entities Settings

  • In the View Legal Entity side panel, click on the calendar. You will have the provision to change the Calendar.
View Legal Entities

  • Here, the calendar is updated to Accounting Year.
Legal Entity Updated

Step 3: Change the Calendar in Opportunities App

Since the configuration is complete in Ledger App, you can now view the dashboard according to the financial year of your business by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings → Opportunities → Calendar in the Opportunities App. The Regular Calendar is chosen by default.
Opportunities Settings

  • Change the calendar to the Accounting Calendar.
Opportunities Calendar Updated

  • Now, go to the Dashboard in Opportunities App and select any dashboard. Here, the Performance Dashboard is chosen.
Dashboard Filter

  • On clicking the Fiscal Year filter, you can see the fiscal year is displayed according to the configured calendar in the Ledger App.