How to get notified using Update Notifications in Contacts App?

Updated on June 8, 2020 09:13PM by Admin

Contacts App of Apptivo facilitates real-time notifications while making any changes to the Contacts. Database tends to get larger every day in Organizations. It becomes difficult to keep track of the incoming contacts. Also, it becomes tedious to check the changes made to existing Contacts. With little assistance from the Update Notifications feature, you can get to know about the changes effectively.

  • To navigate to Update Notifications in Contacts App, Go to the Settings tab → Notifications → Update Notifications → Create.

  • You will be redirected to the Create Notification Page.
Create Notification

  • Enter the values for the fields mentioned in the Create Notification Page.
Basic Information

Name: Add a name for the notification.

Description: Give brief information on the notification.

From Address: Contacts App offers two types of “From Addresses”:

  • Static: You can enter a default email address here.
Static From Address

  • Dynamic: You can choose the email address from the list of employees or teams.
Dynamic From Address

  • Here, I have chosen a static email address.
  • To set up custom notifications, it is mandatory to define three fields:
  1. Criteria
  2. Message
  3. Recipients


The criteria field determines the condition when the notification has to be generated.

  • Under the group, you can determine whether the notification is for the “New” or “Old” set of attributes.
  • Now. Choose an attribute from the “Insert Attribute” dropdown. If needed, you can add more than one attribute by selecting ”Add Condition”.

  • Here, the criteria are set to send a notification when the Job Title is changed as Senior Analyst.
  • Now, the criteria are set.


You can add a subject and detailed description of the message that is to be conveyed to the recipients In the Message field.

  • You can customize your message using the Widgets and Attributes provided by Apptivo.


In the recipients’ field, you can customize the email recipients. There are two types of Recipient Lists.

Associated Object

It allows you to choose the recipients from a list of values. You can choose Customer, Supplier, Assigned To, Created By, Modified By, Contact as recipient lists and click Create.

Dynamic Recipient

Static List

It allows you to add your own recipients and click “Create” to complete the process.

Static Recipient
  • Here, I have chosen a Static list and selected Create. A new notification is created.
  • Consider the value of the Job Title is changed to Senior Analyst in a Contact.

  • You can see that a notification is sent to the email mentioned in the static list as a recipient.