How to create an Event-based trigger in Suppliers App?

Updated on March 12, 2020 05:59AM by Admin

Triggers are types of alerts used to communicate particular information. Suppliers App in Apptivo has this trigger functionality. You can make use of this feature to get to know about the changes made to the Supplier information.

  • Go to Settings → Suppliers → Triggers → Event-based. Here, select create from the right pane to create a new trigger.
  • You will be re-directed to the Create Trigger page. Add a name for the trigger.

Step 1: Selecting an Event

The trigger is enabled by default. You can disable it when the trigger is not needed. You can create triggers during three events.

  • Suppliers Created

Action is performed when a Supplier is created.

  • Suppliers Updated

Action is performed when a Supplier is updated.

  • Suppliers Deleted

Action is performed when a Supplier is deleted.

Here, an action is performed when a Supplier is created. Hence, you can see the event chosen is Suppliers Created.

Supplier Created

Step 2: Setting the Criteria

Now, let us set the condition for the trigger.

Set Criteria

The condition is set to generate a trigger when the Category is empty. You can also create multiple conditions for a single trigger by selecting Add Condition.

Step 3: Action to be taken

  • Since the criteria are set, the next step is to decide on what action is to be taken when the mentioned condition is present in a particular record.
  • On clicking Add from the top right of Actions section, you can four kinds of actions are available.

  • Here, the action is set to send an email to the recipient when the criteria are met in the record.
  • In the From Address section, you can choose either static or dynamic email addresses.

Static Email: You can enter a default email address here.

Static Email

Dynamic Email: You can choose the email address from the list of employees or teams or from an attribute.

Dynamic Email

Case 1: On choosing an attribute, you can decide the sender to be a contact, customer, Assigned to, Created by and Modified by.

Case 2: On choosing an Employee or team, you can select an employee or team using the search icon.

  • Once the recipient is decided, choose an Email Template.
  • Now, you have to decide on to whom the email is to be triggered when the criteria are met when a Supplier is created. It can be triggered to an attribute, Employee or team.

  • Select Create once the configuration is complete.
Supplier Trigger

For Instance: Let us consider setting Attribute as trigger meeting of criteria Category = Empty.

  • Now, a record is created in the Suppliers app with the Category as Empty.
Record Created

  • On creating the record, an email will be triggered to the Assignee.
Email Generated