What are App Folders in the Documents app of the iOS platform?

Updated on March 11, 2020 10:27PM by Admin

The Documents app enables you to store the documents in the iOS platform that you add while creating records in any apps of Apptivo. App folders store the documents under the names of each app so that you can easily fetch segregated documents according to the App name and its subsequent record. For Instance: If you add a document to the record in the Contacts app of the web version. It will be reflected in the iOS platform of any gadgets that you use.

  • Login and access Contacts app from the Universal navigation menu bar. Go to the overview page and click on the Documents icon from the activity bar.

  • Now using the Add Document button, add a document to the Contacts list from the list of the dropdown.

  • Once you add the document it will be uploaded in the contacts record.

  • Now navigate to the Documents app → App folder  in iOS Platform.

  • You can see a folder that has been created in the name of the Contacts app.

  • Click on it to view the document that you have attached in the Contacts app record.

  • Click on it to open and view it. You can also use the More icon to download, rename, delete, or share the document.