What is ‘My Documents’ in the Documents app of the iOS platform?

Updated on March 11, 2020 07:31AM by Admin

The My Documents folder in the Documents app of the iOS platform allows you to store and manage the documents that you want to have personal access with. You can perform actions like store, share and retrieve the documents via My Documents folder. To know the functionality of My Documents folder, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to Documents app in your iOS platform. Once you click on Documents app, you will be navigated to the Folders page.


  • Now select My Documents


  • My documents page will open, in that the Total space used will tell you the total amount of space occupied by your documents.


  • The search documents header will allow you to fetch the documents from the My Documents folder promptly.


  • Click on (+) icon → Add folder option, it will allow you to create any number of folders with the naming facility, to help you easily segregate and save the folders.

  • Click on (+) icon and select either Photos or Device Files or From Google or From DropBox platform to obtain documents via these platforms in which you have stored the documents in your iOS system.

  • By clicking on More option, you can perform the following actions like Create Sub Subfolders, Rename, Share and Delete the documents of the My Documents folder.