How to create custom Kanban Layouts in the Projects App?

Updated on March 10, 2020 06:37AM by Admin

Projects App in Apptivo allows you to customize the Kanban layout. Rather than using the default layout, you can customize the layout according to your requirements. You can decide on the attributes which are to be added to the layout.

  • Go to Settings → Customize App → Kanban Layouts in the Projects App. Select Create to create a new layout.

  • You can either create a Default layout or a blank layout. Here, I have chosen the Default Layout. In the Create Kanban View popup, you can add a name for the layout.
Create Name

  • You will be redirected to the Create Kanban Layout page. The Kanban layout offers Default Kanban and Additional Field Detailed Kanban.
Kanban Create Page

  • To add an attribute, you can drag and drop it to the Drop attribute here section. Here, Status is dragged and dropped from the Palette to the Master Layout in the Default Kanban.
Add Attribute

  • You can also hover an attribute and select the ‘x’ icon to remove an attribute from the Master Layout. You can see Priority is removed from the Layout.
Remove Attribute

  • Once the changes are made, select save. The layout is now created.
  • In the Kanban Layouts page, change the Default Layout as Project Board.
Default Layout

  • Now, navigate to Kanban View in the left pane of the Home Page. Here, select a View. For Instance: Show All.
Kanban Show All

  • You can see the Projects in the Projects App with the Default Kanban attributes. You can click on More to view the Additional Field Detailed Kanban.
Additional Attributes

  • The Kanban layout will appear based on the customization in the Project Board.