How to Export the Target List in Mailchimp format from the Targets App?

Updated on March 2, 2020 09:25PM by Admin

Apptivo’s Targets App helps you to focus on launching Email Campaigns with the customized target list. In addition, it allows you to export the targeted lists with various marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp, SendGrid, Constant Contact.

Steps to Export

  • Login and access the Targets App from the Universal Navigation Menu.
  • Select the list that needs to be exported and click on More Details.
Targets App

  • In the Overview Page, you can view the Export button. Click on the Export.

  • By clicking the Export option, you can view different formats like MailChimp, SendGrid, and Constant Contact.

While selecting Mailchimp

  • Select the Mailchimp. Your document gets downloaded in the Mailchimp format.

While selecting SendGrid

  • Select the SendGrid.Your document gets downloaded in the SendGrid format.

While Selecting Constant Contact

  • Select the Constant Contact. Your document gets downloaded in the Constant Contact format.
Constant Contact