How to create a List Layout in Answers App?

Updated on February 26, 2020 05:36AM by Admin

List Layout settings in Answers App allows you to customize the layout field as per your business need. For instance, If you want the lists to be shown with the Question Text, Date Asked, Date Answered, Item, and Follow Up Date attributes, you can follow the below steps.

Steps To Follow

  • Login and access the Answers App from the Universal Navigation bar.
  • Click on the More icon (...) and select the Settings.

  • Then, click on the Customize App dropdown from the Left panel. You can view the App Naming, Master Layout, List Layouts, and Views.
Customize App

  • Select List Layout from the Customize App dropdown.
List Layout

  • Here, you can view the Default List Views. Then, Click on the Create button.

  • A Default Layout will be created.
Default Layout

  • Then, you can change the Name of the Layout by clicking the pencil icon that will appear when you hover over the name Default.
Name change

  • By the Display Dropdown, you can select the attributes as per your need. Here, we are selecting as Question Text, Date Asked, Date Answered, Item, and Follow Up Date.

  • You can change the Layout in the Answers App home page by selecting the List Out from the Display Dropdown.
Home Page

  • Here you can see the changed layout.

Changed Layout