How to Automatically add associated contacts with the customer in Target List?

Updated on February 24, 2020 05:31AM by Admin

Apptivo’s Customers App has the feature to add associated contacts when a new record of a customer is created. This feature extends to the Targets App. Along with adding a customer to the target list, you can also add the associated contacts of that customer.

For Instance: Consider creating a new customer in the Customers App and adding a Contact to it.

  • Go to Customers App and select Create to create a new record.
Create Customers

  • Once the Customer is created, scroll down in the Overview Page and select Add to associate contact from the Contacts App or Create to create a new contact in the Contacts section.

  • Here, I have selected Create to create a new contact.
Create Contacts

  • You will receive a notification that the contact is created successfully.

  • You can add more than one contact to a Customer. Now, navigate to the Targets App in Apptivo.
  • Click on an existing target list to view it’s Overview Page.

  • In the Overview page, navigate to the Customers section. Here, you can add or create customers for the target lists.
Customer Tab

  • Along with this, there is an option to Add Associated Contacts to the Target list. This feature adds the contacts associated with a Particular Customer in the Contacts section of the Targets.

Consider adding a Customer to the Target list from the Customers App.

  • Click Add and search the particular customer in the Add customers page. Now, select the customer and click add.
Add Associated Contacts

  • Once the customer is added, turn on Add associated contact from the Customer section on the Overview page.
Add Customers

  • Now on switching to the Contacts section on the Overview page → Associated contacts in this target list, you can see the associated contact is added automatically.
Contacts Associated

  • When a Campaign is generated for this target list, the associated contact will also get added as a target.

Note: It suffices to turn on add associated contact once for a target. It will get updated automatically.