How does Ledger app allow me to view the income statement?

Updated on February 24, 2020 01:39AM by Admin

Ledger app is an accounting software where you can perform business transactions and also it records the business revenue records in its accounting system. Using Ledger app you can view the income statement of your business. You can keep track of your business transactions and can calculate the net income of your business or firm using the Ledger app.

  • Login and access Financials→ Ledger app from the universal navigation menu bar.


  • Select Accounting Periods from your left side panel, you can view the files in a drop-down.

  • Now select the file for which you need to view Income statements.


  • Here FY2020 is selected, once you click on it you will be able to view the income records on a quarterly basis.

  • Here the income statement for the month of January is selected. Now click on Income statement option.


  • You can now view the Income statement for FY2020→ Q1→ Jan 2020.